What Is Master's Guild Of Acadiana?

Masters Guild of Acadiana is a co-op employment company that is revolutionizing the way the building community works together. Formed by the Trades for the Trades, we support the local Design-build ecosystem through our OJT Employment Program and by sponsoring Guild approved training classes.


Why Master's Guild Of Acadiana Exists.

After the floods of 2016, building suppliers and skilled trade workers in the Acadiana area came together to address the shortage of skilled professionals needed to put our community back together. Our focus at first was on networking, but we soon realized: Even if we networked all of our skilled trades together, there simply weren’t enough. Long after our community was repaired, MGA continues to spearhead the rebuilding of the local Design-Build workforce in every category by offering employers and recruits a new way to work, train, and develop careers.

Our Mission As An Organization.

We are a community of building industry employers who ​believe that an EXCEPTIONALLY SKILLED WORKFORCE is the key to improving our industry, our economy, and our communities.

We exist to empower and celebrate the skilled tradespeople who are the backbone of the building industry.

We believe in the value of time, thinking it through, and taking pride in what we do.


Tools in your hands, dreams in your future

Regardless of the skilled trades category, these three job positions play a crucial role in the success of any building project.

Project Assistant

A successful Project Assistant helps a Building Pro maintain communication, organize project data, and meet deadlines. They are highly organized, adaptable, and able to prioritize tasks.

Assembly Tech Assistant

A successful Assembly Assistant helps the Fabricator ensure quality during production and works with the team to meet deadlines. They have good eye-hand coordination and can follow instructions.

Building Construction Tech

A successful Building Construction Tech can perform many different tasks in a single day, sometimes at different locations. They enjoy working with their hands and problem solving.


Our Employer Members

Master’s Guild of Acadiana brings together skilled and talented professionals from various trades to co-hire and cross-train aspiring Building Pros.

What Our Members Say About Us!

When I hire through MGA I know I can go directly into training the recruit for the position I’ve hired them for rather than starting with instilling values and removing bad work habits.
Jeremy Cantrell
Owner, Artisan Specialties
Hiring from a group that wants to build a career rather than just get a job makes the hiring process rewarding rather than taxing.
Kerry Duet
Owner, Design Center of Acadiana
MGA recruits show up knowing what values and attitudes are important to my business. This puts them a step above others with the same talents.
David Wooton
Owner, Wooton Construction

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