Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Employment with Master’s Guild of Acadiana is a real job, our recruits are W-2 Employees. We hire for three different paid job positions: Project Assistant, Assembly Technician Assistant, and Building Construction Technician. Job openings may be part-time full-time or temp/gig work.
Recruit pay rates range from $9.35 to $22.00 per hour. Pay rates are predetermined based on experience credits assigned by employer members during initial interviews. Once hired, recruits continue to accumulate experience credits and are reevaluated for performance based pay raises at scheduled milestones.
We believe that everyone has a skill. If they think they don’t, they probably just haven’t found it yet. We’d like to help.
Yes. The Design–Build industry is full of really cool people.
Yes. Our minimum training requirement for employment is completion of Intro to Construction through Master’s Guild Association.
Our membership fee for employers is $900 per year, but we don’t believe we cost employers anything. In fact, we save them time and money by removing the pains of recruiting, hiring, and work-ready training. MGA recruits are covered under our Worker’s Compensation policy, allowing employers to grow without being penalized at audit.
Our employer members are suppliers, designers, contractors, and specialty trade companies. Their service categories range from full-service homebuilders to specific skilled technicians like tile installation. While this seems like a wide range, we found the responsibilities of assistant positions across these companies and categories are very similar.

A portion of every employer membership fee is donated to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Master’s Guild Association. Find out more about what they do at mastersga.com.


Our Employer Members

Master’s Guild of Acadiana brings together skilled and talented professionals from various trades to co-hire and cross-train aspiring Building Pros.

What Our Members Say About Us!

When I hire through MGA I know I can go directly into training the recruit for the position I’ve hired them for rather than starting with instilling values and removing bad work habits.
Jeremy Cantrell
Owner, Artisan Specialties
Hiring from a group that wants to build a career rather than just get a job makes the hiring process rewarding rather than taxing.
Kerry Duet
Owner, Design Center of Acadiana
MGA recruits show up knowing what values and attitudes are important to my business. This puts them a step above others with the same talents.
David Wooton
Owner, Wooton Construction

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